Have you ever used Google shopping before? did you get the results you were looking for? If you answered no, then this course is definitely for you.

I will share with you how I made more than 1.5 million dollars in less than 6 months using this google shopping strategy ONLY, and it’s been used on multiple stores and got almost the same positive results on all of them, And you deserve to know it and implement it to get up to 20k/day, yes you heard that right.

let me tell you what you’re going to learn throughout this course :

  1. How to create an optimized google merchant center account
  2. How to add products to your merchant center account (high quality feed)
  3. Required pages for merchant center accounts
  4. Google Merchant Center Programs
  5. The Perfect Product Page
  6. Keywords for google shopping
  7. Optimized Products Content for google shopping
  8. Conversion Tracking Setup
  9. Ad Setup : Shopping Campaign
  10. Ad Setup : Retargeting Campaigns

If you never used google shopping before, then no worries because I have covered every single topic from start to end, starting with how to create your google merchant account to how to create your retargeting campaigns.

If you already use google shopping as one of your main sales channels, you can skip to THE PERFECT PRODUCT PAGE section onward, you’ll learn how to create product pages that really sell, and how to write content with the right keywords, how to optimize your content and structure it correctly.

Who this course is for:

  • The first part which covers Google Merchant account setup and conversion tracking is for beginners
  • The second part which covers Keywords and Product Page optimizations and AD SETUP is for both beginners and experts.