• A desire to improve in sales


Sales is a profession that requires focus and tactics. It is not simply talking to people. It is talking to people with purpose and intent. This course is perfect for sales professionals that are selling in a B2B environment but can also be applied to B2C sales.

Sales is simple. People are complicated.

Often times sales professionals will kick themselves for not being able to close a deal that they know they could have gotten. This course will teach you closing tactics that will help you to avoid losing deals you know you should be closing. Stop kicking yourself and start using the right closing tactic to covert more deals.

Why do sales reps fail?

  • Mindset
  • ….. and follow up (A lot of reps forget to follow up)

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to be great at sales. You need 2 things that you are fully in control of. You need to be motivated and consistent. If you consistently execute good behaviors and you are motivated to successes every single day you will be successful in a sales career.

We will discuss:

  • Sales Mindset
  • Essential Sales Skills
  • Effective Follow ups
  • Goal Setting
  • How to Structure Your Week/Day for Success
  • How to Find Pain
  • How to Create Urgency
  • How to Close Deals

Maybe you have a startup and you need to learn sales skills to help grow your business? This sales training will help you sell better!

Maybe you are a new sales rep? This sales training will help you!

Maybe you are a seasons sales professional seeking new skills? This sales training will help you!

Who this course is for:

  • Sales professionals
  • Anyone looking to start a sales career